Kiln and waste treatment
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We do not label "green", but simply common sense to promote ecological-economic report of most interest to you and our planet.


These rules concern the management of ...

...Our waste

This can make them smile, even if it is simpler to implement, there are few companies that practice: we recycle our waste!
Paper / cardboard / glass / batteries / scrap ... Less waste means less trash in landfills and incineration of our region.

...Our purchase

We favor a local supply as a priority, after national, and finally European... Less kilometer to delivery, it's less spending and less CO2 into our environment.
Our insulators are of the bio-soluble component and therefore not classified as carcinogenic. This fiber is long, do not allow to pass into the respiratory tract. If it were reduced to fine particles into the lungs, it would naturally be dissolved by the human body with this property of bio-solubility.
At end of life (in decades years) your equipment can be safely dismantled for recycling.

...Our energy

We are located in the countryside, in a "green" environment in keeping with the philosophy of manufacturing our range. We thus avoid the unexpected large cities inconvenience (road congestion, pollution, and cost!) for a living more serene.
The choice of a local manufacturing operations reduced our quality control time. It is much reduced charges.

...Your energy

During designing, we are looking for better yields equipment at great prices. For this reason, our range starts with power consumption less than 700W only. The material is more expensive to purchase, but it's more economic in operating system, especially if it comes from a generator.
The fans will be selected if possible with impeller pale jet to increase the yield in the limit of an energetic-economic gain.
Small detail ... we put Tri-LED technology (best ratio Lm/watt) on our indicator light control panel, even if the energy savings is negligible.

... Deliveries

We have a central position in the France territory, neighbor to the motorway network and river transport to Marseille seaport. A river transport is cheaper for less CO2 released to us and our children.


APICC fait attention à l'environnement

We have always attached importance in the selection of our products on the technological

 and economic manufacturing. Today, the news also leads us to integrate

 the environmental impact of our range, since its manufacture to its destruction.


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