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FA range

FA range
FG range
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From 10 to 300 kg/h (100 to 3000 kg/day), operated with gas, FOD, or mix (gas & FOD) the equipment will completely eliminate your waste.
The FA range incinerators represent the SH range incinerators evolution. This new range maintain the ability to adapt easily to existing premises. They can be delivered in separate parts and assembly on site, on request.



The APICC incinerators are designed according to the pyrolitic combustion principles. In the primary chamber the incineration process involves a sequence of steps which includes drying, volatilization, combustion of fixed carbon, and burnout of char of the solids. Primary air which is supplied directly on waste bed, is lightly blown to avoid excessive amounts of solids being carried up with the gases. In a specially dimensioned secondary chamber with high temperature and increased air flow, the combustion of the gases and particulates driven off during the primary process takes place.


• Low bulk
• Reliability and robustness
• Volume reduction
• Operational costs reduction (1 person only)
• Easy use
• Easy maintenance


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