Kiln and waste treatment
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Pool of expertise

Adapting to change

For FA range incinerator, APICC is able to provide more options to adapt to customer needs and facilitate its operations.
The different incinerators can be loaded with skips, belts or crane. For small capacities a manual loading is generally used. Different feed systems, depending on usage, may be added: airlock chamber, screw system (pulverized waste) and for some installations an automated ash-removal system may be included.


Simplifying mobility

To meet at necessity mobility's needs, APICC can offer a range of compact, portable, easy to install, commission and maintain, for mobile or fixed life camps, hotels or isolated villages, offices or residences autonomous airports, seaports or train stations ... This range is installed on a skid or container laid directly to your needs.


Modify to progress

APICC may carry out any alterations or compliance on your existing facilities, whatever the type of incinerator and whatever brand.


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