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FG range

FA range
FG range
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From 200 to 3000 kg/h (maxi 72 T/day), operated with gas or FOD, this installations will completely eliminate your waste.

The necessity to reduce investment and operation costs leads to increase running time. In order to respond to these new needs for capacities reserved until today to static kilns, APICC has developed the FG range. This new range is the result of development of SFH and SG technologies, internationally recognized. The FG range answers to all types of waste met in the industrial companies, hospitals and communities where continuous operation or working shift is required.
On request, this unit may be fully computer controlled. A gas treatment system is proposed with respect to the requested emission standard.


Automatic charging and automatic ashes removal

Different feed systems, depending on usage, may be added: airlock chamber, screw system (pulverized waste). The incinerators can be loaded by skips, belts or crane. Automatic ashes removal can be, according to cases, a drag-chain conveyor, a back-hoe conveyor, a screw with ash cooling.

Automatic and continuous operation

Loading is automatic and proceeds with an airlock chamber. This airlock chamber is a top opening hopper. It is fed mechanically by a skip or by tipping out containers used to collect waste. Once the top of the hopper is closed waste are pushed into the furnace with a pusher ram. The primary chamber combustion has a stepped floor with a given number of steps depending on the capacity of the incinerator. The vertical rise of each step is connected to a ram that pushes waste from one level down to the next. Rams move waste from the charging end to the discharge end at which point the waste is completely burned to ashes. Controlled introduction of air at appropriate locations and slow agitation are required in order to accomplish good combustion. Air injection through nozzles located in each step can be adjusted. Slow moving rams result in agitation of the waste to slowly tumble it down over each succeeding step and exposes it to the radiated heat from the chamber walls.

A Custom-made service

In order to answer to customer's needs, APICC can guarantee a complete service, from the process definition to erection and start-up of the installation.



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